Friday, June 29, 2012


After enjoying a ton of time to yourself for two months, you sure was excited going back to school
With your new make-over inspired by the summer season! Well, wake up! Get over your fantasies over those hot shirtless dudes on the beach, the Slip ‘n’ Slides you had and those wild beach days! Let’s get back to reality, school time is here, and there’s no better way to start you first day than busting your new found confidence in your new school-ready look!

When thinking of a new look, usually the first thing that comes to mind is a haircut, right? It’s definitely one of the boldest ways to make a statement and a change to your overall look since it’s immediately noticeable. Why not? Your long straight hair deserves some waves and curves.
Hit up the salon and ask your stylist to recommend cuts that will frame and flatter your particular face shape. Anyway, Summer is an awesome time to test out a new look for your mane, because even if you hate it, chances are it’ll grow out a bit before school starts and become more manageable.

Aside from a new haircut, a new hair color is another way to rock a totally new look. Whether you want to go dramatic or subtle. The last time I remember, I was with my guts trying to color my hair
light blonde, it turned out like something light brown instead, since I have a really dark hair in nature, then I fell in love with the results.. looks good on me! Apparently, our school had this rule that restricts colored hair. So I bought a blackening shampoo instead of dyeing it again. :’(  But if your school don’t have any restrictions on hair color, then Go for it! highlights are good, but its tricky! So I suggest go get your butt to your fave salon for that perfect result!

And lets don’t forget the Makeup, the easiest and most temporary way to test out a new look, because if you wind up hating it–just wash your face! You have so many options with makeup that seems overwhelming. Test yourself on different color palettes and find that best color that flatters your face. A pink and Red lipstick are must-haves, for me. Lol :p Anyway, a simple eye liner, a bronzer ,a foundation and a lipstick do the tricks!

(by the way, im still on my way saving for that complete MAC make-up brushes im eyeing at for weeks now! :) haha hope that ill have it anytime soon! )

And one thing, Getting a new look from your wardrobe doesn’t have to break the bank. Obviously, cheap clothes are an option. Instead, splurge on a few high quality things that you’ll wear forever–and then get creative with what you already have. A great way to make the most of clothes you already have and love? Mix up your accessories. A plain white tee becomes super fashion-forward when worn with a statement necklace. Have a pair of classic kicks you love? Rock them with a sun dress instead of jeans. You’ll feel girly and cute but still be comfy at the same time! Don cocktail rings with an everyday outfit. Jazz up a denim jacket with cool pins. Your options are endless, DIY is totally fun. Perhaps, hop on the nearest thrift market – and be surprised on what you might find.

When going for a new look, it’s important to remember that everything is okay as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing!

Well I hope you had fun, let your great days in school begin!

Lots of love,
Sharee :)

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